The Long Road to Privacy

The Long Road to Privacy

So…we’ve been talking about privacy since we began last year, and even longer since we began dreaming up the idea of OSOM.

More importantly, what about you? What are your biggest privacy concerns? Is it the number of microphones in your house on all of your devices, listening in to your conversations and relaying data back to the big tech companies who are targeting ads to you based upon those conversations? Or maybe it’s the last fifty times that you’ve accepted cookies while opening up new websites, which in turn opens you up to having your data shared and follows your internet browsing.

Remember the last time you took a picture with your phone? Me, it was just yesterday, trying to capture a beautiful sunny afternoon on a bike ride with my friend. I was trying to capture the moment, but ended up inevitably sharing my location and time stamp from a company that doesn’t know me, and with people I don’t necessarily trust knowing where I was and what I was doing.

How concerned are you with the millions of apps out there, awaiting your money and your “consent” to do with your information, whatever they want?

The short answer, I think, to all of this is: I think you were probably concerned but didn’t know you should be as concerned as you are now. Your privacy is not currently private, and you don’t (YET!) own it. That’s what we’re here for, and what we’re hoping to accomplish. Because your conversations, your location, your moments are just that….yours.

Andy Fouché
VP of Communications
OSOM Products Inc.