My Life Online

My Life Online
by Charlie Martin

Sharing my life online feels pretty routine these days. The bottom line is that it’s part of my job. You could easily assume that I don’t have much of a filter, that because I grant people so much free access into my life, I’m happy to share anything and everything. I consciously make decisions on where I draw the line though, I’ve had a number of experiences that escalated, one where I had to involve the police… so the reality is that I take my privacy very seriously.

Some might say live by the sword, die by the sword, and it can be a fine line to tread. Context is everything. I’ll talk on stage in front of a few hundred people about personal aspects of what it’s like to be transgender, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll tell someone I just met in a pub all about my back story, or answer every question that I ever get asked if I do.

For me, it’s about control. It might seem like I make it up as I go along, however the fact is I’m the one making decisions, perhaps subconsciously and in a moment, but I have control of my privacy. I get to choose what I disclose, with whom, and when. People only see what I choose to show them, what I’m comfortable with, and nothing else.

Charlie Martin
Professional racing driver & LGBTQ activist