The Theater of Privacy

The Theater of Privacy

There’s a lot of conjecture out there right now regarding privacy, as some of the largest tech companies in the world want you to think they have your best interests at heart. Big Tech has been pointing fingers at one another lately, saying things have to change, when the reality is, they all collect and use your personal information.

What’s worse is that the average consumer doesn’t realize what’s at stake. These big companies, not coincidentally, have big budgets to buy billboards and commercials assuring everyone that privacy matters to them. But…when you peel back those layers, that’s far from the truth.

From a marketing perspective, companies such as OSOM, ExpressVPN, ProtonMail, Signal, and others simply don’t have those same big budget advantages. But we’re in a unique position, because of you, the consumer.

What we’ve seen over the last 18 months is that the consumer is being motivated in different ways. You realize you have a voice, and that voice is starting to show up in what and how you buy. You’re ushering in a quiet revolution that is being decided by choice, not by multi-million dollar ad buys or slick commercials. A great example is what we’ve seen from WallStreetBets when people realized the effect they could have on a system that seemed so impenetrable.

It doesn’t matter how much money and effort Big Tech is spending on this theater of privacy. Because in the end, it is just that: theater. It’s a show full of smoke and mirrors, trying to prevent you from understanding what’s really going on. Truth, choice, and your voice will ultimately prevail. Welcome to what’s OSOM about protecting consumer privacy.

Own Your Privacy

Wolfgang Muller
Co-Founder and CMO
OSOM Products Inc.