Privacy is Bigger than You and Me

Privacy is Bigger than You and Me

We often talk about the risks associated with companies tracking your location, monetizing your data, and sharing your information without your consent. These are real and frightening concerns. Yet, they pale in comparison with the potential damage that hackers using spyware have on people, and even on governments.

We came across an interesting article the other day on zero-click attacks which we thought deserved greater attention. Zero-click attacks are exactly as they sound – they allow spyware to gain control over a device without human interaction or human error. This international investigation found that even Apple devices, which are marketed as supposedly privacy protective, were successfully hacked. Security researchers found widespread evidence in apps like iMessage, Apple Music, Apple Photos, Facetime, and the Safari browser. Among all these apps, iMessage is the most prone to vulnerabilities as it allows a user to send anyone a message without any warning or approval from the message recipient.

Privacy has ramifications outside of our own personal space. The inability to prevent hacking can threaten collective liberties and even rule of law by undermining newsgathering, manipulating political activity, and perpetuating human rights abuses.

As privacy continues to gain in importance among consumers, it’s often framed as an issue of personal importance. But it’s worth noting that the ramifications are far greater than any one individual. In fact, our collective freedoms and individual identities might just depend on it.

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